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Las Vegas, Nevada

February 13, 2017

9:00 a.m. PST

SweetieCams vs. Chaturbate

Get Paid to Masturbate

How To Make Money Masturbating Online

Did you know that tens of thousands of people worldwide get paid to masturbate every day? It's true! In fact, the SweetieCams community has over 450,000 registered Webcam Models (both Male and Female) who get paid to masturbate every time they turn on their webcams.

Best of all, our unmatched (and very user-friendly) technology allows anyone over 18 from any country on Earth to make huge profits from the comfort and security of their own homes.

IMPORTANT: We Are Dedicated To YOUR Success!

Want to get paid for masturbating online?

We can help.

And we want to do everything we can to maximize your chances for success. This includes providing you with fair, honest information so that you can make the best choice for your unique situation.

You may be surprised (or even shocked) to learn that under certain circumstances we actually recommend Chaturbate over SweetieCams for some people.

We recognize that no adult webcam service is perfect for everyone. What works for one person may not be the best solution for someone else. So as you will see below, there are certain circumstances in which we (amazingly) recommend Chaturbate over our own platform.

But before we get to our recommendations for your specific situation, let's address some of the most common questions regarding webcam modeling.

Is Masturbating On Cam The Right Choice For Me?

Let's not sugar coat this. The only person who can make this decision is YOU. For some, it's a natural fit. It's fun and exciting every night. For others it's scary and intimidating. Ask yourself these questions to help assess whether adult webcam shows are a good fit for you.

  • Most importantly... am I over 18 years of age? (If you're under 18, you cannot work on any legitimate Adult Webcam platform. Please come back when you're over 18.)
  • Am I open-minded about sex?
  • What are my inhibitions and limitations?
  • Am I a people person?
  • Do I enjoy being the center of attention?
  • Am I able to let small grievances roll off my back?
  • Am I interested (or able to "fake" being interested) in certain fetishes?
  • Am I a self-motivated person?
  • Do I have a quiet, private place where I can host my live shows?

Some of those questions may not apply to you, but answering them honestly should help you to decide whether getting paid to masturbate on cam is a good option for you.

Do I Have To Masturbate? Can I Do Something Else Instead?

Good question! To be honest, we use the "Get Paid To Masturbate" language to draw attention to this program, and communicate how easy it is for anyone to capitalize on their talents and make money on webcam. But masturbation (or any other kind of sexual activity) is NOT a mandated requirement to be part of SweetieCams.

You never have to do ANYTHING you're not 100% comfortable doing.

Having said that... The vast, vast majority of our models (98%+) do provide some kind of explicit, sexual entertainment to their viewers. So if you expect to be successful as a Non-Nude cam model, you should work to develop a unique specialty to entertain your viewers. Fetishes like Female Domination (FemDom), Financial Domination (FinDom), Jack Off Instruction (JOI), Small Cock Humiliation, Sissification, Foot Worship, Smoking, Dirty Talk, are all very popular. And they can be easily adapted to high-paying (and completely Non-Nude) cam shows.

Finally, it should be noted that even if you DO provide nude / hardcore cam shows... most of our models find that they spend far more time talking, chatting, and flirting than actually performing sex acts. Many viewers are just as interested in talking to a pretty girl as watching her masturbate.

Don't I Have To Be HOT To Make Money Masturbating?

This is an extremely common question and it's unfortunate any time someone allows their physical appearance to keep them from making money on cam.

Here's the truth... whether you're old or young, thin or fat, tall or short, male or female (or somewhere in between)... YOU ARE HOT to someone, even if you don't think so.

Adult webcam sites like SweetieCams draw Hundreds of Millions of viewers every week (yes, Hundreds of Millions!). And those hundreds of millions of people come from every imaginable walk of life. And they all have different ideas about what is or isn't sexy. That's why there are young blonde college girls, saggy old gray-haired grannies, athletic couples, skinny gay twinks, and overweight cross-dressers – all earning substantial paychecks with live sex cam shows.

So whether you're a busty housewife from Boston, a gay bear from Dallas, a chubby BBW from Kansas City, or a couple of sexy swingers from Tampa Bay – you can make real, bankable money masturbating on webcam.

Can MEN Make Money Masturbating On Cam Too?

Are you kidding? There's a higher demand for Gay and Straight Male and Shemale (Transgender) webcam models than ever before! These segments are experiencing faster growth than any other sexcam category.

There is a persistent misunderstanding in the adult webcam industry that only women make good money online. While it's true that the highest earners are women, there are MANY men, couples, and transgenders who are raking in significant cash week after week.

If you are a male, couple, or transsexual please see the information table below for our best recommendations.

Can COUPLES Make Money Having Sex On Cam?

Absolutely, positively, yes. While it's true that the highest earners are generally solo women, many, MANY couples earn HUGE amounts of money every month.

Couples can often offer more variety than solo models, and this variety attracts large numbers of viewers. And more viewers = more $$$.

If you are a couple interested in making money on webcam please consult the information table below for our best recommendations.

How Much Money Can I Make Masturbating on Cam?

This may sound cliché, but it's true... The sky is the limit. As a webcam model, you're an independent contractor, NOT an employee. You are your own boss. There are no set schedules or sales quotas. You make all your own rules. You set your own earnings goals.

All of this means you are free to login and earn income as often as you want for as long as you like (24/7/365). So you can make as much money as you want, anytime you want.

It's almost like having a private ATM Machine installed in your own bedroom.

It's a verifiable fact that many webcam models have generated in excess of $1 Million. And some elite models have made well over $2 Million.

You may not achieve $Millionaire status, but with diligence and consistency, you can still earn sizable paychecks every week. Whether you login 1 hour a day or 1 hour a week, you can earn extra cash anytime you need it. The more you work, the more you'll make. But remember that YOU control your schedule and you can always boost your income as needed.

OK, But How Much Money Does an AVERAGE Model Make on Cam?

It's very difficult to answer this question, because there are so many variables. And everyone is different. But in the most general sense, established webcam models can earn between $40 and $150 per hour. Some earn DOUBLE that amount. Others much, much more.

The more you work to build your fanbase (via Twitter, blogging, etc.) the higher you can expect your income to rise. For example, if you attract just ONE high-roller viewer your weekly income could double or triple overnight.

What Equipment Do I Need To Make Money on Webcam?

The required equipment is minimal and very inexpensive. In fact it's never been cheaper to become a webcam model. The only items you need are:

  • A Computer or Laptop – To ensure you have the necessary computing power, make sure you have a Windows or Mac built within the last 3 to 5 years. Netbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, and Smartphones won’t work.
  • A High-Speed Internet Connection – Check your broadband upload speed at SpeedTest.net or TestMy.net. You need to have an upload speed of 1MBPS (or more) to stream your webcam feed. Faster is always better. If you have a choice with your ISP, it's worth paying a little extra for 3MBPS or more.
  • A USB Webcam – A USB cam is fine to get started. At $60 - $70, the Logitech C920 is probably the best balance of value and quality. It offers HD quality, it’s simple to operate, and it works well. Thousands of models use it every day. You may eventually choose to upgrade from a USB cam to a camcorder but it’s hard to beat the C920.
  • Adequate Lighting – Lighting is important to help you look your best. Sometimes a simple lamp is adequate. In other situations you may want multiple lamps spread around to minimize shadows. Some models invest in a more professional "3-Point" lighting kit like this $55 setup. Add some Holiday lights or decorative lamps in the background to create your own perfect space.

What If My Family Or Friends Find Me Nude On Cam?

Your privacy is always a paramount concern on SweetieCams. That's why we've developed a revolutionary system that allows you to BLOCK certain zip codes, cities, states, and countries from viewing your webcam, pictures, and videos.

For example, let's say that you have family members in Chicago, Illinois and you work in an office in Vancouver, Canada. Our Block Zone system allows you to block those specific zip/postal codes in Chicago and/or Vancouver. So nobody from those areas will ever find you live on SweetieCams.

Get Paid to Masturbate

Our Best Recommendations Based on Your Situation

As stated above, we're absolutely dedicated to your success – even if you choose not to use our platform. We recognize that no adult webcam service is a perfect match for everyone. For MANY people, SweetieCams is a the best adult webcam platform, but for others it may not be.

Use the table below to help you decide which service is the best fit for you.

Best For:
• Solo Females or Female Couples who prefer Private 1-on-1 shows over Public Group Chat.

SweetieCams is especially suitable for those who already have experience, an established fanbase, or those who can recruit their own viewers – (required to receive 100% Payouts).
• Couples, Males, Transgenders – Very high demand for these markets on Chaturbate.

• Solo Females who prefer Public Group Chat over Private 1-on-1 shows.

• Brand New / First-Time Models (regardless of age, gender, or sexual preference).
Privacy Block Zones?
(by zip, state, country)
(by state and country)
VideoChat Type:
Private 1-on-1 Shows – When you are online, you are hidden behind a privacy screen. You can text chat with members but nobody can actually see you until they "Go Private" and begin paying your per-minute rate. Since it is strictly pay-to-play, you will have relatively low traffic (0 - 1 person at a time). But many big spenders prefer Private, Pay-Per-Minute shows over Public shows. Public Group Chat – When you are online you are on full display to everyone who enters your chatroom. There is no per-minute rate. Instead, you earn tokens from all the viewers in your room. Since it is free, you will have MANY people in your chatroom at one time, and MANY people can send you tokens at once.
Chaturbate also offers an option for Private Shows, but most models and viewers prefer the Public Group Chat system.
Public Group Chat Required?
No Yes
Primary Billing Method:
Private 1-on-1 Shows = Pay-Per-Minute
(1 viewer at a time)
Public Group Chat = Tips/Tokens
(Many viewers at a time)
Tips Allowed?
Yes Yes
Payout Percentage:
• 35% (guaranteed payout)
• 50% (non-guaranteed payout)
• 100% (if you refer the viewer you can earn 100% – non-guranteed payout)
• 50% - 62.5% (guaranteed payout)
Who is Responsible For Chargebacks?
If you choose the 35% (Guaranteed Payout option), then SweetieCams absorbs all chargebacks. At the 50% and 100% levels, chargebacks are deducted from the model's payout. Chaturbate absorbs all chargebacks.
Token Values
SweetieCams does not convert to tokens, they use USD. • Members purchase tokens for $.08 to $.10 each
• Models receive $.05 per token earned
Pay Period
Weekly (no hold) Bi-Weekly (one week hold)
Minimum Payout
(if you don't meet the minimum, your funds are held and rolled over to the following pay period)
(if you don't meet the minimum, your funds are held and rolled over to the following pay period)
Payment Options
Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer Check, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Paxum
Create Your Own Fanclub?
Yes Yes
Average Fanclub Pricing
$15 - $30/month
Set your own price
$15 - $30/month
Set your own price
Fanclub Commission
• 50%
• 100% (if you recruit your own members)
• 50%
Able to Sell Pics & Vids?
Yes Yes
Phone Sex Feature
Yes No
Make Money From Webcam Replays?
Yes No

What About the Other Adult Cam Sites?

For various reasons we do not recommend Streamate, MyFreeCams, or Live Jasmin. They are not bad services. It's just that we believe SweetieCams and Chaturbate are better, more equitable platforms for 99% of all webcam models.

For example:

  • Streamate is a great platform, but many models have complained that their payout percentages being too low. Others are not happy with Streamate's customer service. Add to that the fact that Streamate doesn't offer Fanclubs (an important revenue source for webcam models) and it's clear that SweetieCams is a better choice.
  • MyFreeCams is wildly popular and their Public Group Chat system is very similar to Chaturbate's setup. But MyFreeCams does not allow couples, males, or transgenders. They allow solo females only. On top of that, many models have complained that MFC's "camscore" system is stacked against newcomers. In other words, it favors long-time models and new hosts have a difficult time competing for paying customers. Finally, Chaturbate has dramatically more traffic than MFC. So if you prefer a Public Group chat system, Chaturbate is clearly the better choice.
  • According to many experienced models, Live Jasmin has several inherent problems. Models claim that the payouts are super low (in the 20% - 25% range), and they often spend hours doing free chat without earning any money. SweetieCams is a much better option.

For Private 1-on-1 shows – feature for feature and dollar for dollar – NOBODY does it better than SweetieCams. And for Public Group Chat shows, Chaturbate is simply the best (and most trafficked cam site) on Earth.

In short, if you prefer low-key, Private 1-on-1 Shows (where you cannot be seen until the viewer is paying) then SweetieCams is your best choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer more live action, more simultaneous viewers, and more overall excitement, then Chaturbate's Public Chat system is the best option.

Where Will I Make the Most Money, SweetieCams or Chaturbate?

If you're brand new to the business, you will probably make more money (and faster) on Chaturbate. It's probably the best place for First-Timers to get started.

But if you already have several loyal fans and followers, then SweetieCams is your best option. We offer 100% payouts if you recruit your own viewers, which means you will receive 100% of the revenue on members that you recruit to the SweetieCams service. We keep 0%. We even cover the credit card charges for you! No other adult cam service offers this.

So if you have means to bring in your own viewers, and if you prefer our Private 1-on-1 format, then SweetieCams clearly has an edge over Chaturbate.

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